Translation Service

Translation at an affordable rate


With over 10 years experience in technical translation, you can be confident in our ability to provide consistent brand and product messaging to your customers.

We can truly help your key messages, features and benefits resonate with an international audience, in English, German, French and Arabic.

        We offer:

  • A fast turnaround for short deadlines
  • Accurate translations
  • Deep experience in all market sectors – from manufacturing to medical, training and consultancy
  • Great value for money!

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Quality Translation Service

What we offer? Quality translation service in English, German, French and Arabic.

Our professional translation service Include:

We offer our translation services in three packages that have been specifically designed to meet your needs. Because quality is the most important aspect, we offer correction, revision and quality control services.

hopisdesign translation service


Quick and inexpensive translation suitable for small websites.

hopisdesign translation service


Economic and speedy translation of large volumes of website content.

hopisdesign translation service


Ideal for translations of business and marketing websites, where quality is of paramount importance.